Error compiling hologram_dash_cloud.ino


Just starting out using the Dash (but have used the Arduino IDE to program the Uno quite a bit),so hopefully someone can help me with this:

Running Arduino IDE 1.8.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise. Successfully loaded the Konekt Dash COM driver manually and added the board under “Preferences” using

When compiling hologram_dash_cloud.ino I get this error message:

arm-none-eabi-g++: error: {build.clock_setup}: No such file or directory

Any suggestions?



Hi Kevin,
Do you have the dash selected as your board under the tools menu? Make sure to pick the dash USB programmer too


Thanks! I set the Dash USB as programmer, and it compiled.
Unfortunately, the Arduino IDE asked if I wanted to upgrade the firmware, to which I clicked “Yes”.

When it tried to upload the Arduino script, it said it couldn’t find the serial port, which is now grayed out in the Arduino menu. Also, the LED between the two buttons on the Dash is now fast blinking when the USB cable is plugged into my laptop.

It’s looking like the firmware upgrade may have failed. How can I fix this?



Try programming it again. I think there might be an issue on the stock bootloader where it needs to update twice.
Don’t worry about the serial port. It doesn’t get used in program mode. The error is probably because the monitor was open.


Thanks, got it working! It didn’t help that of the 2 SIM cards I bought, I had installed the unregistered one… :frowning:

In hologram_dash_cloud, it looks like the program fails silently if the SIM card is missing or not registered. On behalf of myself and others just learning to use Dash (works great now, btw), could you add error messages to the serial monitor output for these conditions? I imagine these could represent a common situation for us folks…