Error updating over USB. Konekt Update v0.6.2

I just received my Konekt Dash Pro, and my first attempt at the hello world sketch gives me a Konekt Updater error. Error:Error Updating over USB. I’m using Windows 7, and the Arduino IDE V1.6.8.

I think the root of the problem is the same USB driver issue that I see others have had/are having (I can’t do the Serial test either). Windows is not able to recognize my device, and I am not able to use the driver that I found on the forums. I don’t have a Windows 8 or 10 PC. Is there another way around this?

Are you putting it into program mode? (LED will be blinking blink-blink-off pattern)

The driver issue is definitely possible too. We’ll be releasing a signed driver soon to fix the issue. Did you try installing the driver that we posted in that thread? That does seem to work for most Win7 users.

Yes, I did put it into program mode. As soon as I plug it in (before program mode or anything else), windows says it does not recognize the device.

Also, I am not able to use the driver from the other thread. Screenshot of the error below. I’m on windows 7 x64 fwiw.


There are a couple things you can try to get the USB working.

  1. If you have a LiPo battery, position the jumpers for battery mode, connect the battery and then plug in the USB port.
  2. In some cases connecting to a USB 3 hub instead of the port directly has worked.

Thanks for the follow up. I tried another computer (3rd one), and it worked without issue. This one was windows 7 home (others were Win 7 pro sp1). For now, I can use this one, but I’ll keep an eye out for the newer driver.

I faced similar problems. Could it be an issue with Windows 8?