Errors trying to get CLI up

I got the following error when doing the “python-install” command for the CLI. In case the jpeg hasn’t uploaded (I can’t tell) it says, “could not find a version … python-sdk-auth~=0.2.2 (from hologram-python).”

I did get the thing installed on another machine, but when I try to run it, it generates a bunch of errors, as shown. Well - new users cannot upload attachments. So it’s something about, “could not open /proc/module,” and “could not get list of modules - no such file or directory.”

I cant tell from the screenshot but are you using python 2? I believe the hologram sdk doesnt support python 3 yet.

Yeah echoing @AndrewGifft you are trying to use Python 3 and the SDK has not been updated yet to support Python 3. It is being worked on I assure you.

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