euicc profile derisk

The latest sim cards I bought identify as euicc capable on mousers datasheets.

  1. They were bought from this website directly and the best numbers I can identify all light up with mousers datasheet. They were grabbed from the (hologram) website in the last month.

Does that mean your sim chips are euicc capable (or/and) can they be profiled/reprofiled?

  1. if the above is true do you guys make the data (or data involved with) public to the account? I’m trying to test if a cell modem can actually do what it claims and supports euicc reprofiling and would like information on that in particular. It’s an EG25-G and has shown data on your network according to the dashboard interface so it’s up and running.

I don’t believe that SIMs currently being sold have the eUICC operating system installed on them. You may want to reach out to sales if you have a need for eUICC SIMs. Eventually this will be the default on everything.

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