Example code where Arduino/Botletics SIM7000 sends data to Hologram dashboard

On the website https://hologram.io/blog/top-development-boards-shields-iot-projects/?utm_source=WF&utm_medium=cellularboardblog0212TW&utm_campaign=HologramSocial

it states" Furthermore, Botletics officially supports the Hologram SIM and showcases multiple examples of working with the Hologram Dashboard.
This library supports both the Botletics boards and the FONA currently."

I have been searching for weeks for any Arduino example code where the Botletics SIM7000 sheild
sends data to and from the Hologram Dashboard, can anyone please help with a link/suggestion?

I wrote this.

It works just fine. Just switch up the tx/rx to match your botletics shield. Also, to loop it to run forever or whatever, just take it out of setup and pop it in loop, and add a delay or use PSM to sleep and wake by int.