export csv all devices url like the dashboard link

need url to emulate the “export csv” function on the dashboard.
Couldn’t find info via search. only article from '16 - probably outdated.
I’ve been using curl to get devices info individually but the indication
is often incorrect. status:","[active|live]" shows live when it is truly active or “CONNECTED”
Hence the need for the export csv link which is more accurate.

See: https://help.hologram.io/en/articles/2628792-sim-states

Note the comment at the bottom:

One thing to point out is that there is no connected state in the REST API like one can see in the Hologram Dashboard. This is because that information is derived from the lastsession 's active parameter.

So when you query sim state via the API you can determine LIVE vs CONNECTED by looking at the lastsession object in the response.

Lastly you can get device status in bulk with the deviceid see https://hologram.io/docs/reference/cloud/http/#/reference/device-management/devices/list-devices “ids” query parameter. This could significiantly cut down on the number of https requests you make getting your information faster, relieving the Hologram API and in general following best practices. You will have to store a mapping of simcard ids to hologram device ids but that should be easy to record each time you activate a sim.

Hope this helps.

Hi Andrew,
If I could snatch that csv using curl or wget it would be fabulous.
Is that possible ?
If not I’ll go the API route.

Hey right now there is no API call that returns a CSV, you have to pull the json from the API and convert. The CSV files are actually generated by the dashboard frontend itself using this same method.

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