Failed to connect socket / Failed to write socket NovaR410M

Good morning!

I have been switiching over to using the socket connection using the message router Hologram provides rather than a PPP session because of the data usage. I have two Nova410’s and one NovaU201. I am using the same script on all three devices using the HologramCloud in the PythonSDK. On the two 410’s I can usually get like 12 hours of sending messages every 15 minutes before I start getting either Failed to connect socket or Failed to write socket exceptions. The U201 can almost go a month, but still not perfect. Once I reboot the pi, it is then able to send messages again. Is this an issue with the SDK/CLI not closing the socket? Or is this something else?

I also wanted to try sending a message to the server manually with AT commands when this is happening, but I am still learning those. It does still respond to AT commands when that is happening. If I could figure that out then I may go that route. We are a small start up so we were hoping the Nova paired with the SDK would be a slam dunk, but it may be worth it to send the AT commands ourselves via serial or whatever.

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