Fetching Data from Cloud through API


Howdy gang,

I’m doing some testing, and want to pull dashboard data out of the Konekt cloud. There are lots of things that say this should be possible, but I can’t actually find any documentation for an endpoint that would allow fetching of these data. Could someone point me in the right direction? (I’ve gotten as far as listing the devices on my account through REST, which seems to work great, and I can see the messages in the Data Logs portion of Dashboard – just need to find the endpoint to allow me access to those messages.)

Thanks for any help!



Hi Sean,

Try the /1/csr/rdm endpoint. That’ll give you all of your cloud messages.


Perfect. Thank you!

Is that documented somewhere that I missed? Would love to know where the right place to look is. :slight_smile:


Haha, you’re welcome.
It may not be. Some endpoints are missing. We’re hoping to have a minute to revamp our docs in the next week or two and make sure everything is on there.


Ok, in that case, one quick follow-up question:

It looks like the results are by default paged to 25 entries. How does one either change the page size or specify which page of results to retrieve?

Thanks again!


Use the limit and startat URL parameters.

limit can go as high as 1000 and you feed the last ID in the request into startat and it’ll get you the next batch of results.

For example, let’s say you call: /1/csr/rdm?limit=500
This will get you your most recent 500 messages in descending order. Let’s say the last ID in that result set is 325, then for the next page you call: /1/csr/rdm/?limit=500&startat=325

Some other useful parameters on this endpoint:

  • deviceid filters on a specific device
  • tagname filters on a specific message tag
  • tagnames filters on multiple tags (pass as a comma separated list or as an array like tagnames[]=ASDF&tagnames[]=QWER)

Let us know if you’d like to see something else on there. We’re always adding new options.


Perfect! Thank you again. That looks like it will suit my needs admirably. I’ll let you know if any necessary additions occur to me. Appreciate it!


sorry to hijack, has this documentation been updated? I can’t find anything. (but the basic API works which is great)


The csr/rdm call is here: http://docs.konekt.apiary.io/#reference/cloud-services-router


Looking at it now and we don’t have much info about filters and stuff. We’ll add that soon.


Hi Reuben,

Although I tried the limit parameter with 100 or 500 I am still receiving only 25 data points I am not sure if its just me or any body else is experiencing this problem, I am using Nodejs to consume rest api.


Hi, sorry I missed your post. How are you limiting?

This works for me: /api/1/csr/rdm/?limit=100