Forward Data to

Hi. I am having trouble forwarding data from KONEKT dashboard to thingspeak. Seems like the entry is successful but the value is not displayed on the graph. Our destination URL is:<>

what seems to be the problem? I am not sure what to put on the <> part.

In my case, I build the entire querystring inside my sketch. That way all the data route has to do is send it on.

The data I cloud print:

The destination url in my route:<<decdata>>

and the post body is

Since, I will be receiving the data from Arduino and it will vary accordingly. How do I print two variable results and receive in the cloud at the same time?

Not sure I understand your question. Can you elaborate?

How do you send 2 data from Arduino to dashboard at the same time? And with the two data, forward it to thingspeak. However, the 2 data will display in 2 different graphs. For example, data A shown in field A and data B in field B

I am still not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do, However, if you want multiple data points sent to thingspeak, you put the data in the querystring or you use json and put it in the body.

Can u explain in details on using JSON and put it in the body??