Get Nova and Rpi3b+ to communicate

Hello, I have a Nova celliular modem (usb) inserted into the usb 2.0 port of my raspberry pi 3 b+. I believe that the pi cannot see that it is there. After I plug it in I type ifconfig into the command line and I see no indication that it is seeing the Nova. How can I get the rpi3b+ to communicate. I want to be able to send a ping from the rpi3b+ command line to the Nova, and have it send the same ping to the Hologram cloud. The next step after that would be to send a generic message to the cloud via the same method. I have read the featured article “Getting started with raspberry pi” on holograms website, however when I get to the step that requires me to type “sudo hologram modem location”, I get an error “NotImplementedError: The R404 and R410 do not support Cell Locate at this time”. I am using an R410 modem, and it is 2020 which means I have the latest Raspbian OS, do I need to regress back to Jesse (2017) to use this modem? If so that is ridiculous.

Can anyone help me with step by step instructions on how to achieve my goal, I am a beginner and have never programmed anything in my life… sadly

Looks like R410 does not have locate features built in, no gnss antenna port or receiver.

ifconfig doesn’t show usb devices only network devices and the nova enumerates as a usb device. When you bring up a ppp connection if you run ifconfig you will see it as ppp0. If you want to see if the device is connected you could do ls /dev/tty* which should show any tty device attached to the pi. It should be like ttyUSB0, and ttyUSB1.

As you discovered the R410 does indeed not have location capabilities build in.