GPS Tracking Application Questions

Ok guys I have searched all around and have not found my answer.

I have a GPS tracking application that is currently using Chinese gps trackers and t-mobile sims from a different provider than Hologram.

The SIMs have ‘unlimited data’ are capped at a 64k data speed. This is actually working fine for the trackers in my application.

So my question are these:

  1. Will Hologram work for my application?
  2. Do I just swap out the SIMs in the trackers to the new Hologram SIMs?
  3. Is there a way to cap the Hologram SIM to 64k max speed?
  1. Yes
  2. Yes, you may need to set the APN to “hologram” how do to this varies by modem so you will have to look at the GPS tracker’s documentation.
  3. No way to cap speed, you can cap monthly data though. If you hit the limit the device will stop working until the next month (or you manually go in and raise the limit). Data rate doesnt really matter, its very likely you are sending data very slowly anyway even compared to 64k. This also offers no advantage as far as costs go. Ignoring the 1x free sim, all data is charged (a relatively low rate) regardless of how little is used. Hologram data is pretty cheap especially for low bandwidth applications like this.

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