Has anyone tried a hologram nova with Telus LTE M1 service in Canada?

I have a raspberry pi weather station project that is getting close to being ready for testing celluar communications. I would like to use the LTE M1 nova use modem. Telus appears to have Canada wide LTE M1 up and running, has anyone tried this yet or is there any info on when hologram will have M1 available in Canada?

I’m in the process of finding some Cat-M1 connection in Canada… The networks are there, the R410 sees them but can’t register with the Hologram SIM card. Tried a regular Rogers SIM without success.

Will try Telus and get back.

If anyone has clues…


Hologram has indicated on here that they do not yet have an agreement for Cat M1 service yet in Canada so we know for sure a hologram sim won’t work. Rogers has slowly started the rollout and says they will be Canada wide by 2020 so not a good option yet. Telus and Bell are almost Canada wide with a few execeptions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

I have an M1 nova on order. I’ll grab a telus SIM next week and give it a try. Hopefully i don’t need to do much other than alter the apn in the chatscript. I’ll report my findings once i have time to sit down and fiddle with it.

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Thanks for your input Trevorm!

Contacted Telus IoT, they told me I needed a business account but had my doubts… So I bought a Telus SIM card (20$C-Ouch!) and activated it with lowest prepaid data plan.

Success! I was able to send a USP data packet.


curiously, what is the lowest prepaid plan and the specs… or the link

In Montreal (QC) :
Walk-in SIM price : 20$C+tx
1 Month data+voice : 30$C+tx 30days, 250G, 150min data, unlimited SMS/MMS

Following link is probably region dependent :

Understand I only needed access for HW engineering validation. I am not looking for best price or value…


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This is very good news, i’ll be using FTP and HTTP commands to send weather data and webcam pictures. I’m going to get the telus bring your own device data only sim which is $10 per month for 100mb. I spoke with telus on the phone today and they told me this sim will work on their LTE-M1 network.

Please confirm when you transfer data. Logically, data-only plan would be the way to go, but my experience with carriers is : NOT to trust anyone you to talk to, on the phone :wink:

But for webcam? Still pictures, I guess… This is Cat-M1 we are talking…

Haha yes I realize it’s hard to find people to talk to at Telus or bell who even know what LTE M1 is!

It is a very small picture, the total data is about 50-60kb every 15 min so should be ok for M1 I hope. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

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Success! I picked up a Telus sim card and spent the afternoon fiddling. I was able to run AT commands and disable NB-Iot with AT+URAT=7
I checked registration with AT+CREG? and it returned 0,1 which means i’m registered on the home network.
I tried sudo hologram network connect and a PPP session was started. I ran my weather upload script and to send weather data via HTTP and webcam via FTP and the 50kb webcam picture was no problem.

I also changed the APN in the default chatscript to ‘sp.telus.com’ It took quite a few hours until it finally connected for the first time but it seems to be working now.

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