Heartbeat and data usage

Can anyone tell me if using the Heartbeat feature via the Hologram CLI will rack up data-usage?

scenario: Orange Pi Zero/Nova combo at a remote location.
I need to know when/if it goes down, so I have a Route set up with Heartbeat that sends a POST message to my web-server when the heartbeat of the Orange Pi stops on the device

So far so good. Everything is working. Heartbeat is just what I needed for this project.

However, I am not seeing that this is using any data when I look at the Dashboard under Device.

Does this use any data at all, or is it such a small amount that it is not showing up yet.

I see that I can set a device to “No Overage”, so that should prevent this Orange Pi from going over, but I want to avoid using all its data in the first place if I can.

To answer my own question: it looks like heartbeat used 54KB in the space of an hour or so when I left it on last night.

However, it failed to connect socket after an hour so I was not able to test it for a longer period of time.

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