Heartbeat Forwarding DeviceID

I have a set of Nova and Dash devices that are sending their data through the hologram dashboard. I have a 2 routes set up:

Route 1: - “Forward_Data”- Forward my data from the devices to my REST service on my server.
Route 2: - “Check_In” - Tied to all devices by a tag, sense heartbeat, send a message to my REST service that a device has failed to report in for X time.

Currently, I’m using webhooks for both of these routes with a heartbeat set up on the “Check-In” to see when these devices are disconnected for more than an hour. I thought I would be able to send which <<device_ID>> failed over the webhook paired with the heartbeat, but all system variables are unusable in the webhook. Is there a way I can send a JSON POST to my rest service with the device_ID of the unit that went AWOL?

At first, I tried adding the following string to my heartbeat webhook:

"ErrorMessage":"Device has been missing for 1 hr."

I determined that the heartbeat, since it was triggered by the hologram server, was not able to get the properties of the device that actually went missing nor was there a “message” tied to it to give it a received date.

EDIT: As Reuben suggested, I had tried this formatting but could not get it to display correctly due because I neglected to put it in a code block. I have updated the original post to reflect my attempted implementation.

Hey Omicron08,

At this point our Heartbeat route is not flexible enough to provide the functionality you describe. I think the best approach here would be to make a separate heartbeat route for each device and tag it with the identifier you wish to use.


Hey I just wanted to chime in to also point out that the variable names aren’t correct so if you’re having issues with non-heartbeat routes too you should try:


I’m seeing that one of our docs pages might be outdated in this regard. The latest topics are listed here: https://hologram.io/docs/guide/cloud/data-router/#available-variables


I’m aware that the variables are not correct in the example. The forum kept trying to parse the variables so I changed their formatting in order to get them to display ( I didn’t see there was the ability to insert snippets at the time). I had tried the formats you suggested in my first attempt to send heartbeat info.

Thank you for the replies.

Ah ok, yeah, gotta use backticks on the forum or it tries to parse it as HTML

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