Help finding data sent to my dashboard

Can anybody steer me in the right direction to find the UDP data (Hello World) I sent from my device to the dashboard?

I’m using a serial modem, Simcom 7600G-H, with the Hyper Global IOT SIM, with a purchased phone number attached. The serial is connected to a PLC controlling my vending machine. I currently can send SMS messages to the PLC, the PLC will send a SMS to the dashboard, then through ROUTES, I forward the message onto my Email or Vtext. This works adequately but SMS from the device is $.19 and that gets expensive! My alternative is to send a UDP data message from the device.

I’ve been able to send a UDP data message from the dashboard, MESSAGING, to the PLC. However, when I try to send a UDP from the PLC to the dashboard, it indicates it sent correctly but never shows up at the dashboard under “all activity”? I’m guessing it’s sitting in the cloud?

I’m actually using Tera Term in place of the PLC for testing simplicity.

From Dashboard messaging. Cloud Data, Data = Hello World, Port = 4010, Protocol = UDP, Send. This sends Hello World to my Device that I can see it on Tera Term.

The following are the AT commands used to send out the UDP message.

AT+NETOPEN (enter)
+netopen; 0

AT+IPADDR (enter)

AT+CIPOPEN=1,“UDP”,4010 (enter)

AT+CIPSEND=1,“”,4010 (enter)

Hello World (ctrl z)

How does one get the UDP Data message, Hello World, directed to the dashboard? A SMS message is sent using the 44793…02 number and it finds it’s way there. What am I missing?

Thank You


Hi, we only support TCP at the moment so that would explain why it’s not showing up. If you switch to sending TCP it’ll show up at the panel at the bottom of the dashboard. We have documentation on that interface here: Embedded APIs | References | Hologram

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