Help required for json formatted data please


I need to send json formatted data to the cloud and set up a web hook to send it on to our online server. (Similar to thingspeak). What I have is vehicles with data records. I want to send a bunch of data records periodically from each vehicle.

I am new to Json and have use the Arduino json object to generate the string below.

The topic is “bgLog” (which I can use the HologramCloud.attachTopic). I need each packet to have a number of the same type and size of record and a vehicle ID (timedate stamp plus raw data) so I can place the data for each vehicle correctly on our server once it arrives from the web hook.

Is the string below correct? (Vehicle ID is VH685).

Also, is there a simple example how to set up custom web hook for a json array like this?



JSON looks ok.

We have some documentation on that kind of stuff

Are you just trying the pass the data straight through to another service or do you need to manipulate it first?