Help with Dash pin functions please

I have several questions relating to the Dash pin functions and hardware. Below is a bullet list of the information I am looking for

  1. I see the pin pitch is 2.54mm, what is the width (pin to pin across the module)
  2. Will the module perform OK only powered by 5V DC as long as the power supply has sufficient capacity (I assume 250mA is required max.)
  3. Is the battery only used to power module in case of power failure, or can it be set up to only keep ram and internal RTC alive
  4. How do I use alternate SPI pins, I need UART2 for my project and also need SPI.
  5. Is the USB UART and UART 0 both using the same port internally for program update from Arduino sketch? (ie. UART2 is the only completely uncommitted UART that is brought out the module pins)


  1. So you mean width across the board between pins?
  2. 5V DC is fine, but you’ll want to provide more current. See power characteristics here:
  3. You can power entirely off of the battery if you want
  4. Need to double check on that one
  5. They should be separate. See serial interface info here:

For 1) the distance between pins across the board (between “L” row and “R” row.) is approximately17.63 mm. It fits on a standard breadboard with the L pins on the A column and the R pins crossing the gap and going in the F column.

Also for your answer to the SPI question, you can select which SPI port in the Arduino IDE. You can only use one at a time. The selection is under the tools menu:


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