Hologram cloud vs. web application advantages

I have a custom web app (php web application server) which receives data from my device. I can do whatever I need to by connecting via a direct http post or tcp connection between that webserver and the sim7000a gsm chip over the hologram network. I could also use the hologram cloud as an intermediary. The data would go from sim7000a to hologram cloud then from hologram via webhook to my web app. Is there any advantage to doing this assuming the data needs to get to the web server anyway? I understand that if I just wanted to send an email a webhook would be more efficient perhaps, and I wouldn’t need a custom web app, but if the data needs to get to the website I feel skipping the cloud would be more efficient. Am I missing something obvious? Will data usage be the same, same costs for data either way? Assuming the web server has no uptime issues, any connectivity issues to consider? Thanks.

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