Hologram config file for assigning com port

Is there some way to designate which com port the hologram software looks for an attached modem?

Back story:
I am using a raspberry pi for data gathering. Hooked to the RPi is an RS-485 adapter and modem via the USB ports.
The RS-485 adapter is assigned a port via something like this: PORT=’/dev/ttyUSB0’
I was having an issue with the modem grabbing that port on bootup so I created a symlink to assign a port to the RS-485 adapter. That seems to have worked and now my adapter gets connected every bootup.
Side effect, if the modem boots grabs that port first it appears once my program kicks in it grabs that port away and gives it to the adapter. Rs-485 works great, but when it goes to send the data I get a “Unable to detect a usable serial port”.
I’m guessing it’s because the port it originally grabbed is no longer attached to it.
I could be way off base here, I’ll admit to being over my head in this stuff.
Back to my problem… is there any type of “PORT=’/dev/ttyUSB0’” command available in the hologram code?

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