Hologram Dash Enquiry

Can Hologram Dash connect to some input device (push-button for example) and send SMS out? Does it need the Huawei Modem in this case?

Thank you.

Also, can this be used in Singapore?

Thank you.

Hi - The Dash has available GPIO pins that you could definitely use with a push-button to trigger actions in your Arduino sketch. The Dash currently doesn’t support outbound SMS but the better/cheaper alternative would be to send a cloud message from our Dash and trigger a routing rule that sends an SMS through our cloud. This way you’re only charged for the data of the message instead of $0.19/device originated message. I’ve included a resource on our CSR routing rules here:

Also, yes the Dash can be used in Singapore with the 270 version. Our Hologram SIMs operate in Singapore as a Zone 1 network.

Let us know if you have any other questions!