hologram_dash_passthrough: changing the URC setting

I ran the sample code hologram_dash_passthrough and noticed two things:

  1. It consistently logs in the arduino serial monitor the +CREG and +CGREG everytime the Dash sees other celltowers. These mix up with other URCs that my code is waiting for thus my URC parser fails at some scenario.
  2. URC from AT commands are not showing in the logs. This happens for AT+UPSDA=0,3. I only saw OK but the +UUPSDA: 0,“xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” did not appear.

What AT command do I have to execute to turn-off the auto-logging of +CREG and +CGREG?

First: I have to stress that someone should not actually do this, because it will break official firmware from working on the Dash!!! Do NOT do this. If you do not understand what you are doing, DO NOT do this! If you understand what you are doing, still, DO NOT do this!

Second: AT+CREG=0 and AT+CGREG=0 will disable those URCs. You can still poll using AT+CREG? and AT+CGREG? to check status; however, I strongly recommend implementing something that can handle both URCs and solicited responses (see our firmware source code for examples).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warning.

I understand that the Dash is default to HOLOGRAM SIM and to the HOLOGRAM Web Platform… so the firmware has many AT command wrappers specific to the Hologram synergy. But my US client is already committed to another SIM provider and have created its own Web-IoT platform. So it is inevitable for me at this stage to ‘break’ something just to make the ever-reliable DASH board as the hardware platform to complete my technology solution.

For me to execute AT commands directly to UBlox module, I really want to take advantage of the HologramCloud.enterPassthrough() rather than the Serial Passthrough Firmware.

For me to move forward, I want to understand:

  1. Is auto-polling/checking of network registration and status the default behavior of Hologram Firmware? This is what I’m seeing right now in the arduino serial monitor.
  2. I’m not getting the URC for AT+UPSDA=0,3 (only the OK but not the IP after that). But I got results under 30 seconds for AT+ULOC=2,2,1,500,10.