Hologram Dash Web Hook for ThingsBoard (not thingspeak)


I found some chat about posting data to thingspeak and assume it will be applicable to thingsboard?

Thingsboard accepts http post to https://host:port/api/v1/$accesstoken/telemetry

It will handle standard json object {“key1”:“value1”,“key2”:value2} etc.

Q1: Is there an example of setting up a json object for Hologram Dash or will the data be fomratted coirrectly as jason by the web hook:

example: My code populates data like this (is there a snippet that can pack my data as json or do I do it line by line as below)
HologramCloud.print("TimeStamp: ");
HologramCloud.print("Vehicle ID: ");
HologramCloud.print("Event ID: ");
HologramCloud.print("Tag ID: ");

And web hook forwards like this
{“TimeStamp”:“01/15/24”,“Vehicle ID”:“4589”,“Event ID”:“Detection”,“Tag ID”:“7845”} ie. The colons are not inside the quotes as in the device code.

Q2: How do I send say 100 json objects like above at one time? Do I simply loop through the send code, changing data for next record each time?

Q3: In web hook, Do I simply set up HTTP post pointing to the url above and select json object type?