Hologram Global IOT SIM problem

I am using Hologram Global IOT SIM. I bought SIM7020E from waveshare and using software “AT Command Tester For Simcom® Modules” from M2M (not demo bought license). I don’t undestand why network not registering? I attached photo. APN is choose correct. Maybe have suggest to me how to solve this problem.

I think 7020E is a NB-IoT device. We don’t support NB with our SIMs right now.

What item of Simcom support Hologram Global IOT SIM card?

Oh Nooo, just wrote the message below to another similar older thread. I guess Ruben earlier gave my answer: Hologram doesn’t support NB-IoT… But why is Hologram shooting themselves in the foot about this? NB-IoT is way cheaper and lighter than CAT-M for many ultra low power telemetry applications.

It is now January 23…
I had the same problem, but I can use the Hologram Global Sim on the SIM7080G in CAT-M mode via T-Mobile… NB-IoT mode doesn’t connect as a few days ago. I am moving to the SIM7020G because is simpler, much cheaper, and less power. But it is only NB-IoT capable and the Hologram SIM (same that works in the CAT-M capable module) just wont work here. So I got a demo SIM from competitor Soracom that I had abandoned in my dawer long ago to do a test, and connected with no problem in NB-IOT mode also T-Mobile. Go figure! I wrote to the sales email I had from Hologram in case they had new SIMs compatible with NB_IOT connect. This was a week ago and no answer.

Anybody knows if Hologram is just not supporting NB-IoT for some reason? Is coming anytime soon? Somewhere I read Hologram doing NB-IoT testing long ago, I imagined would be supported by now.

Hi so actually my information was a little outdated. We do support NB now in certain European markets and are working on further agreements to expand that. If you email support they can give you some more detailed information for your application

If you’re looking for a SIMCOM module that will work now, their Cat-M modules like the 7000 or 7070 should work in most places or Cat-1 like the 7600

Thanks for the quick answer, I am actually in NYC and thinking to deploy some static very low speed sensors in NJ shore. Do you have some newer sim that works here? I know T-Mobile supports NB-IoT. I am interested and testing the SIM7020G that is the best fit for this application and also half the price than the CAT M capables.

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