Hologram in Australia


I’m testing a R410M-based unit with a Hologram SIM in Australia.

The same unit and card tested fine in the US a few days ago, and connected to Verizon.

It’s currently set up with +UMNOPROF=4 and ‘hologram’ APN.
I get an ok signal, but no registration (+CREG: 0,2).

I’ve found in other comments that the CAT-M1 agreements with various operators may not be fully in place yet. Is Telstra on that list, and could that be why I can’t get this to connect?
…or did anyone else get online in AU on -M1 with Telstra and Hologram?


Hey @thehansson,

While we don’t officially have a roaming arrangement with Telstra for Cat-M1 we have seen several Novas and other Cat-M1 devices use that network.

Can you try setting +UMNOPROF to 0 and then attempting a connection. Also, you’ll want to make sure that your SIM is on a global plan and not a US only plan.


How to connect using Hologram Sim in New Zealand

Thank you Maiky,

UMNOPROF=0 in combination with +COPS=1,2,“50501” seems to do the trick!



Fantastic! Thanks for following up.


I wasn’t aware Hologram doesn’t have Roaming agreement for Cat-M1 with Telstra, I have some units there using U-Blox SARA-R410M-02B (same as Nova) I set the AT+UMNOPROF to Telstra (I forget the number) and they work.

PS: I was gonna say Hologram should probably add the technologies they support but I see they already list it on: https://hologram.io/pricing/coverage/ but they do!

That said I think Hologram should provide on a per-carrier basis as it would be nice to know whether LTE is supported on the major carriers or just one small carrier in a given country. Also it may be good to show all possible technologies (include NB-IOT and CAT-M1 as well as LTE, 3G, 2G) but show the unsupported protocol as greyed out or something. Personally I assumed LTE was equivalent to CAT-M1 which was incorrect.