Hologram iot sim configure


I have hologram iot sim and configure it on my hardware device now how to fetch data through api.
I have to create my own database for Api or Hologram provide api.





i go through above link. When device is online and i pined from dashboard then it is giving data. but how to get rest of the thing like device details , status and network status.


you may need to specifically send those

I haven’t completed my testing yet


what i have to specifically send.
Can you explain me little bit.


what i mean is that in the body of the message that you send to the cloud you may need to add extra data such as the network status

i.e. run AT command that checks network status

add this to your data. Looking at the data that hologram keeps I can’t see information such as Network RSSI etc



if i send this url:- https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/devices?orgid=10237
i am geeting this response {
“success”: false,
“error”: “Not logged in”

please can you explain me the reason


if i want to get the list details so i run this api https://dashboard.hologram.io/api/1/devices?orgid=10237

and i got this response {
“success”: false,
“error”: “Not logged in”

and if i run this api https://private-anon-c27854378a-hologram.apiary-mock.com/api/1/devices?orgid=10237

then i got all wrong data {
“success”: true,
“data”: [
“id”: 1234,
“orgid”: 321,
“name”: “My Device”,
“type”: “”,
“whencreated”: “”,
“phonenumber”: “”,
“tunnelable”: 0,
“hidden”: 0,
“tags”: [],
“links”: {
“cellular”: []


you need to read documentation


specifically what endpoint you should be using and what authentication

at this point I am going to jump of :smiley:

I am used to working with people who have an ability to review API documentation and apply it to their use case.

good luck with your project



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