Hologram Modem and Sim in France

Hi: I have a question about my hologram Modem R410M and SIMM Card on my US equipment that I have got up and running on the Verizon network. Will the same hologram and SIMM card work out if I shipped to France without any changes ?


My guess is no. I’m not an expert on this, but I believe it depends on Verizon and what profile you are running. Try the +UMNOPROF command to see what profile you have. I have heard 100 “standard europe” is what you want. It also works here in the US and is what I am using. I believe you also need to set the UBANDMASK and URAT for europe (I think). I’m not an expert on this so I hope this will help you figure out what is needed. Different frequencies are used in Europe than in the US I think.