Hologram Nova, hologram APN and outgoing SSH connection

Hi there. I have purchased a Hologram Nova board and am using it with the SIM supplied, hence with the hologram APN.

My application, running on a Raspberry Pi, requires an outgoing SSH bridge to my server. With an Ethernet cable plugged into the Raspberry Pi I can make the SSH connection, however the SSH connection always fails over the cellular link through the Nova modem; SSH can see the server over the cellular connection but the SSH connection attempt always times out. I’ve tried various ports (22, 80, 5050) all to no avail: the connection never gets through. Plug Ethernet in and the connection works.

Are there any known restrictions on outgoing SSH connections when using the hologram APN?

S’OK, now solved: my server is behind a VPN and so the return leg of the TCP path was going via the VPN server, which would have looked somewhat odd to the cellular network. Route around that VPN and things are fine.

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