Hologram Nova on Raspberry Pi - Connection Issue


Hi there,

I have a Raspberry Pi with the Hologram Nova attached, and I can’t quite get it working. Basic interactions with the Hologram CLI seem normal, in that I can run the command without error.

However, when I attempt to send a message, I get:

hologram send "Test Message"
RESPONSE MESSAGE: Unknown response code

I was thinking that this might not be active or connected, so I tried a network connect:

hologram network connect
ERROR: Modem hangup - possibly due to an unregistered SIM
Failed to start PPP

When I look at the hologram dashboard, it shows my SIM as active, and in fact when I tried to activate it again I received an error:

Activation verification failed: {“success”:false,“error”:“SIM Errors”,“data”:{“XXXX”:“SIM is already activated”}}

At this point I’m not sure what else to do. The dashboard shows the SIM as active, but the device doesn’t seem to be able to connect. Is there some other step that needs to be taken?



same followed instructions as described. Signal strength is 99.99 yet operator is “none”


Although I activated my SIM a few weeks ago, the first time I powered the Nova with the hologram SIM in the RPI was today. After going through every option possible to get it connect, naturally, after leaving it alone (~ 1hr) it sorted itself out.

It was apparent with the red LED lighting up for connection.

So to those powering on your Nova with an activated SIM -> even though you may have activated your SIM a while back, it took the first connection about ~ 1hr to work.


I really hope thats the case. I followed the instructions exactly and have the same errors. Just see a solid blue. I’ll let it sit and hope for the red light lol

EDIT: Doing the AT command to remove 8 fixed the connection issue.