Hologram Nova to Google Cloud Platform

Hi everyone,

I was finally able to send data from my Raspberry Pi through my Nova to the Hologram Cloud, and then route it to Google Cloud Platform.

If anyone wants to see how I got it into Google’s Cloud Functions and over to Pubsub, here’s my video walk-through.



This is really great. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
I have one suggestion that could make things slightly easier. At the end where you’re writing code to simulate stuff coming from our cloud, you can actually simulate a message on our dashboard without using any cellular data. Click on the device, then Messaging, and then scroll down.

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Oh and that device tag should get attached automatically so you don’t need to specify it in your code. If that’s not working properly, let us know.
Once again, great walkthrough. You made it very easy to follow. I personally haven’t messed with the google side of things very much and this is making me want to try it out.

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Thanks for the tips, @Reuben! I’ve linked this forum post in the video’s description so anyone can see your tips now.

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