Hologram Pilot Sim Card Question


I recently purchased a hologram sim card with the pilot program for my Arduino MKRNB 1500. According to the program, it said that I get 1 month of 1MB of data free. However, when I try to send text messages with my Arduino, the hologram API pauses and stops my program about a minute after I run the program. Then I have to wait 10 minutes before I am able to use the module again.

Why is this? I have only used 10 KB of data. Also, in the billing section, why is my balance at -$8.55.

I enjoy the hologram platform however I am confused about the plan/why I have -$8.55 balance.

Thank you.

Hi, the pilot plan provides free data, but outbound SMS from the SIM costs 19 cents a piece so you were probably getting billed for that. (Inbound is free.) Feel free to reach out to support@hologram.io and they can take a look at your specific account to confirm.

Full pricing information is available here: https://www.hologram.io/pricing/flexible-data

Also, if you are seeing API requests fail, you should check the error code. It sounds like you might be getting a 429 response which means you made too many requests and are being rate limited. We suggest catching this kind of response and waiting for around 10-20 seconds before continuing. See https://www.hologram.io/references/http#/introduction/rate-limiting for more information.

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