Hologram SDK on Python 3.6.5

So I would like to get the Hologram sdk working for Python 3.6.5. It seems that currently only 2.7 is supported. When will a 3.6.5 version be released? Has anyone built it for 3.6.5?

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m Pia from the Product team here at Hologram. Currently, we do not have a timeline for when Python 3 will be supported by the SDK, but we will update the community when we do.

What project you’re working on? It’d be helpful for us to understand your compatibility needs for future planning.

In the meantime, there are also some experimental ports of our SDK available at HologramEducation · GitHub if you’d like to browse those.

Pia, is there a way for the user community to influence the priority of the python 3.x update? For my application, it is at the top of the list.


Hi Aaron,

Yes, I’m actively checking out feasibility for the update. What features from python 3 are important for your application? As I work through parity requirements, it’ll be helpful to get that understanding to make sure it works for you.



Thanks for giving this your attention Pia,

I am running a Nova on RasPi3 with NOOBS Raspian and miniconda python 3.4.3.

Specific sdk commands I use are:

In addition to the python 3 compatibility, improving the error handling for failed .sendSMS would be helpful.

My main reason for running python3 is to use microsoft ell and opencv

This is really helpful, Aaron. With respect to the .sendSMS error handling is there a fail case we can replicate to evaluate for improvements?

@dmolley How about your needs for Python 3? Are they similar to Aaron or a different set of reasons?

Thanks Pia, I’ll log the errors and detail the fail case. It might be a few weeks before I am able to get to this. But in short, occasionally the sendSMS triggers some exceptions, then sometimes sends, sometimes not. I am guilty of not spending time to interpret the exceptions, so I’ll start there to make sure I’m not doing something stupid.

How is the Python 3.x SDK effort going?

Have to say, I’m interested in this as well. As I’m a relative newbie to Python and the Raspberry Pi, I installed the latest Raspbian and couldn’t work out why one of the projects (find my Bike) was throwing up error messages.

After a bit of Internet Searching, I discovered that there are a number of changes in the Python 3 coding syntax. I made the relevant changes to reflect this but then got errors with the hologram modules only to discover that they aren’t Python 3 compatible.

The added issue for me was, Python 2.7 was ‘missing’ from the latest version of Raspbian in that I had to ‘envoke’ it again in the menu and add in a couple of additional modules etc. It seems from what I can see that the Raspberry Pi folk are squeezing Python 2.7 out in favour of python 3


Any updates on moving to python 3? My project involves a lot more than just the Nova modem (although that is a central part of it). Having to use python 2 is a real bummer for compatibility with other libraries. The world has mostly moved on to python 3. All support for python 2 is done in 2020. See https://pythonclock.org

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post an update on this. We don’t have a set timeline on releasing a python 3 SDK, but we definitely hear you loud and clear and are planning on updating the SDK before python 2 support is shut off.


Really close to running out of time. Any updates?

Hey all - quick update on this.

We’re prioritizing the upgrade to Python 3 for the upcoming quarter. We plan on getting it done before the deprecated support deadline.

Thanks for everyone’s patience.


If you could open the source to python-sdk-auth the community could help. I think that is the only other library you have linked in the requirements. It shouldn’t be that hard to run some scripts on this stuff and get it upgraded, but we would need all the code. I personally am completely blocked on my project until this happens.

So I pulled down the HologramAuth dependency, decompiled it, added it to my fork of hologram-python ran everything through 2to3 and it currently passes 2/3’s of the tests in python 3.


It really shouldn’t be that hard to take it the rest of the way with the domain knowledge of someone at hologram.


It is a green build now (zero failing tests), next I will test it on a real modem.

Hologram SDK for Python 3.7 is released: Hologram SDK on Python 3