Hologram sim In Japan

Have anyone here tried Hologram sim in Japan? I am going to try it here soon using a FiPy development board. Also, will it fall back to LTE 4G if the network does not support NB1 or CAT-M1 or it will not work at all?

According to https://www.gsma.com/iot/deployment-map/#JP Japan has nationwide LTE-M and NB-IOT. According to Hologram’s list of network partners: https://hologram.io/pricing/coverage/ (click Japan), they have a partnership with SoftBank which has both LTE-M1 and NB-IOT. Note that Cat-M1 is a software upgrade on existing 4G towers while NB-IOT usually requires new hardware. Because of this many carriers roll out LTE-M1 with equal coverage as their 4G network.

So from all of that your FiPy should work fine with a Hologram sim. It will NOT fallback to normal 4G but this is not because of Hologram but because the FiPy only supports LTE-M and not normal LTE/4G. Normal LTE is significantly more complex than LTE-M and therefore would require a more expensive and sophisticated modem.

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