Hologram SIM in Swisscom network

Hi there,

I just learned from a Swisscom representative that Swisscom now supports NB-IoT and CAT-M1. I’d like to test this technology with a particle boron. Does your SIM work on the Swisscom network with NB-IoT and CAT-M1?


I’m also interested to know if the Hologram SIM is supported by Swisscom as I’d like to test it with a Pycom FiPy.



I’m using 3 prototypes (Raspis with Nova 4G/LTE modems) on Swisscom, and I’m a bit disappointed with speed (low), stability (unstable) and data consumption (far too much overhead).

When connecting the Raspis to my Swisscom iPhone hotspot, everything is perfect. Very interested in knowing what I’m doing wrong, because Nova is performing far from spec.



Hello everyone,

We do have reports of our SIMs getting access to Swiscom’s IoT networks. However one thing to point out is that IoT networks are new so they may experience some growing pains. Furthermore, these networks are designed to optimize for power consumption and not data transfer speeds so do not think you will be getting traditional 4G Speeds. Cat-M1 on the Nova is rated for Download/Upload rate of 75/75 Kbps.


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