Hologram sim will not connect

We are trying a series of hologram sims with Pycom Gpy devices. We had one working over the last few weeks but accidentally shorted it out troubleshooting an electrical issue.

We built another GPy, setup a new hologram sim. The sim was successfully activated and we followed the Pycom documentation for setting up a new GPy. We are using “hologram” as our APN in the Pybytes_config.json file as hologram and Pycom have specified, but the new Gpy is not attaching to LTE at all and when we run the commands “AT+CREG, AT+CGREG, and AT+CEREG” we only get “ERROR” as a reply.

We have tried 2 new Gpy’s and 3 new hologram sims and we have run out of options.

ANY help would be appreciated. This combination USED to work up until a couple of days ago, before we lost the working unit.

This is still a problem for us and we could use some help. We cannot get any new Pycom Gpy to attach via the hologram sims to the Pycom Pybytes network, even though our original unit with a hologram sim and the same program attaches just fine.

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