Hologram Spacebridge

Im having issues since yesterday evening trying to connect using Spacebridge. This is the error I receive:
Error:*** Failed to connect to tunnel.hologram.io:999:SSHException(‘not a valid OPENSSH privated key file’,)

Im not sure why it would say this, I use linux command line myself but the engineer who uses it the most uses windows and spacebridge and is unable to connect.

Did you change computer or anything? It looks like the key file that the space bridge client stores isn’t there or got corrupted. You may need to just delete it and generate a new one

No sir, but I will delete it. How is this accomplished?

Also how to regenerate it?

Look in your Windows user directory. It’ll be something like C:\Users\<username>
There should be a .hologram directory in there. You can delete the whole directory and then rerun the spacebridge client and it’ll generate a new key since it won’t find one.

P.S. I know you had hit that limit on SB keys before. You might need to disable another one before you can generate a new one.

Yes sir I had. We are getting quotes together for the Enterprise edition, so hopefully that issue will go away. This time I had deleted a user to have another license and no windows clients could login. This fixed the issue, thank you very much for your help.

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