HologramCloud.attachHandlerSMS hangs

Just got my Dash yesterday so treat me like a novice. I ran the hologram_dash_cloud sketch and it worked fine. I send tried sending a few SMS messages to my Dash and after awhile noticed that the board wasn’t responding. After consulting the community I stumbled across an issue where others noticed that the initialization of HologramCloud.attachHandlerSMS was hanging if there were previous SMS messages received in the modem. Taking a chance I loaded the hologram_dash_passthrough sketch and used the command ATE1, AT+CMGL and AT+CMGD=[index] where I tried numbers 1 through 9 for the index. When I went back to the hologram_dash_cloud sketch all was well!

That’s great, but could someone explain what happened and why this function should fail. How will I prevent my application from hanging in the future if an errant SMS message is received before I restart my sketch?

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