HologramCloud Causing Timing Issues

I am communicating the Dash to an external device using the bit banging technique, which needs precise timing requirements ( down to 0.4 us). I have the device correctly communicating to the device in a test program without anything else, but I am having issues with the timing when using the hologramCloud as the interrupts are delaying the bits being sent. I was wondering if there was a good way to work around this problem or even pausing the interrupts as it takes a couple microseconds to send the data.

I have tried using the noInterrupts() command to stop the interrupts and re-initializing them after sending the data, but this doesn’t seem to stop the hologramCloud handlers. I have also tried implementing the bit banging technique in its own interrupt, but the hologramCloud handlers seems to still get called.

Any ideas?

Hey Jeffrey,

I haven’t personally done this, but have you thought about writing to the buffer and sending it later?


Hi Maiky,

With the current project I am working on, I am unable to send the data later as I need to keep updating the device every couple seconds.


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