HologramCloud.sendMessage() with tag does not work


Hello to everyone. I have troubles to receive TAG’s on dashboard. I need to specify the TAG for custom WebHooks. My sketch:

#include <OneWire.h>
#include <DallasTemperature.h>

OneWire ourWire(D02);                //Se establece el pin 2  como bus OneWire
DallasTemperature sensors(&ourWire); //Se declara una variable u objeto para nuestro sensor

int codigoSensorTemperatura        = 387;
int codigoSensorBoya               = 514;

int delayBoya                      = 3000;
int delayTemperatura               = 27000;

int hayAgua                        = 0;
int noHayAgua                      = 1;

String tagTemperatura              = "_TEMPERATURA_";
String tagBoya                     = "_BOYA_";

const int pinTemperatura           = D02;
const int pinBoya                  = D03;

unsigned long startTimeBoya;
unsigned long startTimeTemperatura;


void setup() {
  pinMode(D02 , INPUT);
  startTimeBoya        = millis();
  startTimeTemperatura = millis();

  sensors.begin();   //Se inicia el sensor de temperatura
  rtc_datetime_t dt;
  if (HologramCloud.getNetworkTime(dt)) {

void loop() {
  if (delayBoya != 0) {
  if (delayTemperatura != 0) {

//Proceso funcionalidad de la boya
void procesoBoya() {
  String boya = "1";
  if (millis() > startTimeBoya + delayBoya) {
    HologramCloud.sendMessage(boya , tagBoya);
    startTimeBoya = millis();

//Proceso funcionalidad sensor de temperatura
void procesoTemperatura() {
  if (millis() > startTimeTemperatura + delayTemperatura) {

    startTimeTemperatura = millis();

When i receive the data on dashboard it only show’s me this three tags:




Hi Francisco,

Thanks for posting. Can you remove the _ from your user-defined tags and see if that resolves the issue?
Tags pre-fixed with a _ character such as ‘DEVICE_xxxxx’ are reserved for system tags.



Hi Ryan, Works like a charm. Thanks for yu’re fast reply, thanks for the all fast reply’s, thanks for the full support and thanks for the Amazing Product.