How can I convert streaming video into holographic video?

How can I convert streaming video into holographic video?

Not sure how what software would isolate, for example, a speaker giving a lecture on youtube - into a green-screened, 4 angled holographic video?

I don’t need to convert in real time, just accurate conversion over time

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While it might be possible to somehow spoof what the other sides of 2D person or object could look like in 3D, it would be difficult to do so in real-time.

I think your best bet would be to produce hologram-ready video content first, with holographic playback in mind. For example, in Star Trek: Voyager, it is quite common that a special holographic imaging device be used to capture an image of an object from multiple angles. If that’s what’s being envisioned to be used in the distant future, then it might be true that that’s still a best practice today.

By the way, this forum isn’t about holography, so we’re not going to be subject matter experts here, but your project sounds cool. Best of luck on your endeavor!