How does this NOT work?


Maker Edition accounts are able to have up to 25 active lines.
What is a “Line” as opposed to SIM/Device?

When I tried to enable a second SIM your system refused the card.
I have (or will have ) 4 devices under test, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile at two locations. As it stands I can only get the first SIM activated. My Botletics device is sitting here doing nothing since you will not activate the SIM.
My SIM800L is collecting dust…


Hi, what error message are you seeing? Make sure you’re not selecting the pilot plan. That’s the free one and you can only have one per account.


Maker Edition accounts are able to have up to 25 active lines.
What does this even mean? If I can only have 1 Maker then what is the use of 25 active lines or does this have something to do with coke?


Lines are SIMs. You can have 25 active SIM cards on a maker account but only one on the pilot plan.


I found the ‘Maker’ at the bottom of the pricing page after scrolling/reading FOREVER.
It describes what I have already.
All over the ‘Maker’ page it changes subjects and has links to other plans, it keeps talking about start for free yet I have already spent $20 to get connected once for 150 bytes.
PLEASE make the Maker Edition page about purchasing the Maker Edition! The only thing you left off was the kitchen sink.


I was wrong, figured to go to the ‘Store’ and purchase some plan, nope.
When I click on Start Now it tries to sign me up, I already for an account so HOW DO I GET A PLAN!


How do I PURCHASE a plan with an existing account?


Hologram Maker Edition
Thanks for building on Hologram.
We’re so excited to see what you make!

Maker Edition accounts are able to have up to 25 active lines.

This is what my Dash looks like now.

From the Dash I tried to add the SIM again and this time I could click on Maker the after a while of trying to figure out what was wanted I finally got another SIM activated, $0.60, for $0.60 40 more gray hairs and my dog has learned how to swear.


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