How to change network of sim ?


already my sim is connected to network via Telenor Pakistan but suddenly i am getting the issue from this company in my area. now i want to change my network operator, can i change the operator from dashboard ?


No, I dont think Hologram can selectively enable and disable networks on their back end. The best way to do this is on your device itself. This is modem dependent so you will have to look at the documentation for the actual modem / cell module you are using to see how to manually select your network.

If you are using a Hologram Nova you may have to use the U-Box AT commands as I dont think their SDK has a way to do this (I may be wrong though).

Correct, @AndrewGifft. Yeah we don’t have that in our SDK right now and can’t make a change like that remotely for a single SIM. Most modems let you pick an operator via the AT+COPS command

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