How to get a message from the hologram cloud?

I connected my raspberry pi to the hologram cloud with a modem and hologram SIM. I was able to send some messages to the cloud and view them in my dashboard.

I’m now on my personal laptop and trying to access those messages using the REST Api. I’m running a request on the following url:

However, the response contains all the messages I sent but not the actual content. I do get a “data” field and a “record_id” field for each message. However, the data field seems to be gibberish - maybe it’s encrypted.

How do a I get this message content/data as a readable string?

Note: I’m using get requests in python to handle the api stuff because the hologram python api repo seems to be very buggy.

The data field is base 64 encoded. If you are using python you can use the base64 library to read it:

import base64
message = base64.b64decode(data)

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