How to specify a device in routing rules in the new dashboard?

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Hi @Reuben, in the new dashboard, how to specify which device to use when adding a new route? Is it that we now need to add a tag and link to a device, then specify the tag (together with SIMPLESTRING) in the routing rule?

Actually I am not clear how to use the new features: projects and tags.

Hi Juipin - For a route for a specific device you can use the tag _DEVICE_[DEVICE ID]_ in the routing rule.
We’re releasing a more thorough write-up on projects and tags to help you organize your devices.
You can use projects to group devices based on the specific initiatives you may be working on and tags allow more granularity about device attributes or classifications for what you’re building.

Thanks @ryanHologram. That helps. Do we now have a means to selectively route come payloads for SMS and some to web-pages using the same device?

Can we somehow put them into different projects or different tags though using the same device, to accomplish the tasks?

Or we will still have to wait until firmware 1.0 release (when?)

Dashboard tags are different than firmware tags (CSR Tags). Sorry for the confusion. The dashboard tags are meant to organize devices. It comes in handy for our customers who have a lot of devices. Custom CSR tags are still on the roadmap, being released soon :slight_smile:

Hi @ryanHologram, I am testing the new Dash with its stock program using the SIM card with device_id:31384. I am surprised to see that all the routing rules using CSR tags (SIMPLESTRING, DEVICE_21027) are triggered. That means the rules cannot differentiate which device sends the message! Or am I doing something incorrectly?

hi @juipin within each CSR rule, for the different topics you subscribe to (SIMPLESTRING, DEVICE_21027) the comma operates as an OR logically for triggering the rules. If you want to differentiate between you can specify rules with only the device IDs as topics to properly route messages. Otherwise any simple string data messages will be triggered by all of your rules

Let me know if that helps clear things up or if you have any further questions.

I see. Thanks @ryanHologram.