How To Use CustomCloud For Sending Messages

Are there any examples out there that show how to use the Custom Cloud to send data to a homemade web app? Is it possible to completely bypass the HologramCloud, and use my own cloud, or do I have to use the router service?

I created my own web app that sits behind Apache. It is publicly accessible. It is accessible via a host and port. How can I send it data? I have the cellular device connected to a Raspberry Pi 3, and I have no problems sending data to the Hologram Cloud and viewing it in the web console. When I try to send the data to my own cloud, the Apache access logs aren’t even registering any requests to it. I know my web server is publicly accessible and is working. I just need to know how to send data to it! I have read the documentation, and had no luck.

Edit: I just realized my script didn’t connect to the cellular network. Will update this after I try the fix. For example: result =

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