How to write to internal program Flash?


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Is there anyway I can write some data to the 1MB internal program Flash memory on the Hologram dash?

I’ve read here that this feature was not available.

I understand we can use the PROGMEM to use the FLASH instead of the SRAM but this is not what I want to achieve. What I need is to:

  • Write something to the internal FLASH memory to a specific sector/page(let’s say an array)
  • Read something from the FLASH from a specific sector/page
  • Check how many space is required by the bootloader and user application and check how many pages I have left on the FLASH to write data to it.

Is this possible?

Thank you
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If your data is not structured and can be just a plain “text file”, then maybe you can consider the AT commands to write (+UDWNFILE) and read (AT+URDFILE) files.

Use the sample sketch (hologram_dash_passthrough) sample code to execute AT commands via Arduino Serial Monitor.

Here’s the site where sample code can be seen (under HTTP POST sample). Disregard the APN setup and other commands.
Link: UBlox AT commands sample code

See full documentation here for File System (page 494) usage.
Link: UBLOX AT Commands


Many thanks Arnold.
This is exacly what I need :smiley:

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