Huawei E303 external antenna?

Does the Huawei E303 support an external antenna connector?

Hi @skeller, our E303 in the store does not support an external antenna.

Is it “hackable”? Does the circuit board support adding a connector?

Wowza! It is hackable! I opened one up and there is an antenna input. Although it is a cheap one, the antennas I tried fell off pretty easy. Nothing a little duct tape would fix :slight_smile: Thanks for intriguing me enough to check it out.


Awesome! It looks easy enough to replace with a better uFL connector if necessary. I guess I need to give one a whirl and see how it works.

Thanks for checking!!! :grinning:

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How did you get the back cover off without breaking it? I could not seem to find any access point.

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I’m away from my desk currently but recall two screws near the USB then using a small device pry bar to unsnap the casing. We have one of those iFixIt tool kits in the office.

Thanks man,

OK, just saw the screws, they were covered with a cosmetic tape.

Looks like a T1 or T2 torx .


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…sorry folks!.. … but what you have found is no antenna plug-in … … it’s a test plug-in for testing the antenna … … … this will not realy fit (it’s not cheap) either will this work!.. … … check : :roll_eyes:

… … … & check : :kissing_heart::two_hearts:

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