IMEI fails to update in device dashboard

I am troubleshooting what appears to be a SIM/device issue where the device fails to connect to a cell network, but the Hologram Dashboard reports the device is active.

I noticed the IMEI number in the Dashboard has failed to update after removing the SIM and inserting into another device.

  1. Can I expect to remove a SIM from a device and have it work in another, or do I need to activate a new SIM?
  2. If 1, can I expect the IMEI to update in the Dashboard or will it continue to show the IMEI of the original device?

Edit: Using Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE Cat 1

  1. yes (to seamlessly), no (to needing to activate) this should work relatively seamlessly (it may take the new device slightly longer to register on first attempt to connect but no hologram dashboard re-configuratoin is required)

  2. Yes, the IMEI will update with the new device, not sure how close to realtime this is, but within an hour or so I would guess (really dependent on how hologram back end processes the changes.

If the IMEI is likely not changing because the new device has not connected to the network yet (they only know the sim is plugged in to a new device once it connects). Likely both 1 and 2 will be resolved once you get the new device to connect. I suspect a configuration issue maybe? did you set the APN? are you able to scan for networks (Probably AT+COPS=? command)

Most problems I have had, and seen others on the forum had is getting modems configured correctly, its something somewhat unique to each modem model and is often a bit finicky.

Note I have used the same simcard in probably 20 different devices without issue (I have a collection of 3 I use for debugging).

Thanks @AndrewGifft!

I can confirm that the APN is set and the device has been connected to the network since I am able to send data intermittently.

The AT+COPS=? command appears to not be supported by Digi since I don’t see it on this list and using the command returns an error.

Hologram support suggested these steps, but none of these commands appear to be supported with the Digi modem.

Edit: The commands are available when AP is set to Bypass Mode [5].

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Hey @SneezesForAttention,

(Great name BTW). Thanks for following up with the bit about Bypass Mode.

As far as IMEI goes, your SIM will send over the IMEI information when it opens a data session, so for that to update when moving your SIM from one device to another you’ll need to make sure that it goes through at least one data session to make sure that value gets updated.

Also one thing to point out is that Hologram technically displays the IMEISV which includes digits at the end denoting software version. You’ll notice that the IMSIs match up until the end, so don’t worry if its not a perfect mach due to the last digits not being the same.


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