IMEI not showing on dashboard

I’m new to Hologram and developing my first IoT prototype using an Arduino MKR NB 1500. I purchased and activated a Hologram sim, but am having some difficulties. I tried running several different example Arduino sketches that output the IME number to the serial monitor. Specifically this TestModem sketch is failing.

Serial Monitor output:
01:52:42.600 -> Starting modem test…modem.begin() succeeded
01:52:46.907 -> Checking IMEI…Error: Could not get IMEI

I was looking at my Hologram dashboard and noticed that the IMEI is blank, despite the SIM being active and showing in Ready state. Am I missing something? Once activated shouldn’t I see an IMEI?


Any suggestions or information is much appreciated!

The IMEI on the dashboard would come from a different place than the IMEI in the sketch. The IMEI on the dashboard shows up once you’ve connected to the network successfully.
If the sketch itself is failing that’s an unrelated issue. Usually getting the IMEI is just a single AT command and doesn’t matter if the device is on the network or not so there might be something wrong with the board. I’d suggest double checking that it’s powered properly and that the SIM card is inserted right and all that stuff.

ok thanks. knowing that helps a lot. I have read some Arduino forums where quite a few people had difficulty getting the board to properly connect to a network in the test sketches the first time, so my difficulties are not unexpected, unfortunately.

So I’ll focus on troubleshooting on the Arduino side. Thanks!

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