[INDIA] Getting QUectel BG96 module connected to Hologram network

Hi All,

I received the hologram sim today and excited to start using the services a develop a arduino libraries to interact with NB IoT services. However i need a small bit of tech info regarding the connection

I am currently using Quectel BG96 based NB-IoT module. the serial port opens up for me to send AT commands to connect to the network.

When sendign the AT+COPS? i get the following:
+COPS: 0,0,“Vodafone IN Hologram”,0

Which means it is connected to the VOdafoneindia hologram network.

Now once I sense that this is correct, i send the following commands:
AT+QCFG=“BAND”,0,10,10 //having doubts here related to which band to connect.

All of the above return OK, (however not sure if the parameters i am sending to the commands are correct and as expected by the hologram network)

Next I have to set the “hologram APN” and hence I send:

AT+QICSGP=1, “hologram”

But this at command return ERROR as shown below

[2018-01-20 18:33:23:482_R:] AT+QICSGP=1,“hologram”

[2018-01-20 18:33:23:482_R:] ERROR

I am sure that i am making some mistake with the network configuration for the hologam network while setting the service parameters for QCFG command for the network in INDIA. Can someone please help me with this issue. Any pointers would be apreciated :slight_smile:

So happy you’re trying out this module. We have not had a chance to try it ourselves so if you’re down for some debugging let’s try to figure it out together.

Do you have the AT commands manual for that module available to share?

Hi @benstr,

Sure, more than happy to work with the Hologram team on this. Thanks for the quick reply !! I have a few reosurces on this particular module:

AT commands: http://www.quectel.com/UploadImage/Downlad/Quectel_BG96_AT_Commands_Manual_V2.0.pdf

a small blogpost: https://ansi.23-5.eu/2017/06/nb-iot-bc95-arduino/

Once I get the details about how to connect to the network correctly, i plan to write a extensive tutorial on getting started with different modules from quectel and other manufacturers on how to use Nb IoT services using AT commands set

Thanks Again and appreciate the great support !!

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My doubts revolve around the NBISCRAMBLE settings and the BAND allocation for the services in India. So i feel that some of the settings I do for the LTE context are wrong and that’s what is causing the issue with the QIACT APN activation AT command failing with an ERROR.

Correct settings for the vodafone hologram APN and india network should resolve the issue … I HOPE :slight_smile:

+COPS: 0,0,“Vodafone IN Hologram”,0
it looks like you are connected to the GSM network

The response to
will be helpful to check if it an NB-IoT network is available at your location

Hi Sid

Thanks for the reply and apologise for my delayed response. Currently i am able to get CGREG as 5 on the normal GSM network as roaming is allowed. But I not sure if on NB IoT, roaming is facilitated on the Hologram Sim.

In such cases, ill have to work with the Vodafone engg team to understand the details. I have pinged them a couple of days back and they are responding back, hopefully they can send the contact of someone on the field.

If things go as planned i will be releasing a library specifically for NB IoT connectivity for Mbed and Arduino. I am planning to cover BG96 module and the BC95 module from quectel

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