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My Dash deployment has been working like a champ all year long and then suddenly it stopped last week. It’s in the field so I went and got it, thinking maybe a broken wire or something, but it all checked out, battery was at a good level, etc… And at my house it connected to cell network and worked fine. Took it back to the field … and it never came up and sent data. Back home, it’s fine (they are only about 4 miles apart). Drove around town running errands before deploying again and it was sending data no problem. Put back into field … nothing.
Looking at the Dashboard it’s not exactly nothing it shows this:
SESSION START TIME 2018-08-21 06:04:31 EDT

One other clue is that looking at usage data log all of the “bad” entries (except one) are on T-Mobile network. Before that, at my house and roaming around town it was using AT&T Mobility. But I don’t know what it’s been using for the past year when it was working.

Is it possible to get connected to a bad cell station? I really don’t know how to troubleshoot this since the device is deployed in the woods and only wakes up every 15mins to send temperature (no displays, logging).

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Hey this is an interesting issue. Very possible there’s an outage at a tower near you. Can you shoot an email to with your SIM number and we can see if there’s anything we can dig up on our end?

And today it started working again. Notable that it is also now connecting to AT&T Mobility instead of T-Mobile. It’s been running this whole time and just failing until it finally connected to AT&T.

Any way to select (or reject) what carrier is used?

Another interesting side-note about this experience: whatever was happening with t-mobile also caused the battery to drain a lot. Normally I can get month before it drops down to 3.7vdc but it’s that low after only a couple days. Too much time waiting/retrying to send data messages?

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